Can I inspect the facility before I make a booking?

You are welcome to inspect our facility and see where your pet will be accommodated, however have respect when visiting, this means keeping your children under control, leaving pets in the car, not going up to dogs in yards or go wandering round unaccompanied. By appointment only.

What can I bring in to make my pets stay more comfortable?

You are welcome to bring in bedding, toys and perhaps a favorite treat, make sure everything is named.

What type of diet do you offer?

We feed a complete range of dog food to ensure your pet’s needs are catered for. We have raw food and two varieties of dry food available. You will need to bring your own food if your dog has specialised dietary needs. We ensure the most fussiest of eaters is well fed. Upon checking into the kennels all dietary needs are discussed with the owner.

My pet is on medication – can you administer medication?

Yes we can administer all medication. Please let us know at the time of booking and provide as much information as possible to assist us with the care of your pet.

How will my pet cope?

We are a small kennel, dedicated to caring for your pets needs while they are with us. They will be housed in a warm, insulated, clean environment and we will spend the time to bond with your pet. The key is routine and exercise. A happy dog is a well exercised dog.

What if my dog gets ill during his/her stay?

We have veterinary surgeons on call 24 hours a day. If your pet shows any signs of illness during his/her stay we will access veterinary attention immediately. Every effort will be made to contact the owners regarding any concerns that may arise should veterinary assistance be sought. All vet expenses are the Dog Owners’ liability.

If we come back from our holiday early can we come and pick up our dog?

Yes by all means. You will need to ring to make a suitable appointment time. You will however, still be charged for the stay that you booked.

If we go on holiday a day later will I be charged?

Yes, if you give less than 72 hours notice you will be charged for your original booking.

Is there a discount for longer stays?

No sorry. Because we are not a large facility we need to receive full price to make our venture viable.

Do you charge a surcharge for peak seasons, school holidays or public holidays?


Do you charge extra for dogs on medication?


How may times a day do you feed the dogs?


Do you charge extra for walking my dog?

No, this is all included in our daily rate, however, your dog will only be taken out on our morning lead walk if they are well mannered while on the lead.

Do you require a minimum number of days to be booked for school holidays, public holidays or peak seasons?


How many dogs do you take?