Te Amo Kennels

Te Amo Kennels is a family business established in 2006. We are situated on a beautiful, private, rural property in West Auckland. Our kennels are insulated so your dogs stay will be more than comfortable.
Check it out today, let your pet check it out too! Please phone or email to arrange a time to visit.


We offer individual, insulated, housing for your dog during his or her stay with us. We provide exercise yards, a separate area for sleeping and individual attention.

Number of dogs we can cater for

Maximum of 12 boarders to ensure plenty of time and attention is given to all guests.


We provide all bedding for your pet. Although you are welcome to bring your own pet’s bedding.


Our experienced staff ensure that all pets are correctly exercised. A well exercised dog is a happy dog.


We provide a complete range of dog food to ensure your pet’s needs are catered for. We have raw food for those dogs on a raw food diet and we also have Addiction and Bio Pet Grain Free dry foods. You will need to bring your own food if your dog has specialised dietary needs. We ensure the most fussiest of eaters are well fed.

Upon checking into the kennels all dietary needs are discussed with the customer.

24 Hour Veterinary Care

We have Veterinary Surgeons on call 24 hours