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Meet Samantha Cross, Owner Operator at Te Amo Kennels

My name is Samantha, I got my first dog at the age of 6, her name was Sarah and she was a Fox Terrier, I went to my first Obedience Dog Training Club at the age of 8. From then on I always had dogs, and over the years have done obedience, agility and breed showing. I breed only when I want a puppy and have been involved in Dobermann Rescue for over 10 years. I have been in the Animal Control industry for the last 10 years, in this time I have been an Animal Control Officer, Call Centre Representative, Community Education Officer, going into schools educating children on dog safety, adults at risk and as a Principal Obedience Trainer working with dog owners to give them a better understanding of their dogs behaviour and strategies on how to train them.
I have attained my Level 2 Animal Control Officers certificate and have achieved a certificate from Massey University in the Principles of Canine Behaviour.

Having dealt with rescue dogs and many years as an Animal Control officer dealing with everything from barking dogs to dog attacks and everything in between, I have gained a good understanding and interest in dog behaviour. It is with this experience that I went about setting up kennels, keeping things simple but structured, with the dog’s mental and physical wellbeing my priority. Dog’s are simple animals, they need a warm bed, good food and fresh water, but like children structure and time spent on them is very important for their mental wellbeing. It is us, the dog owner that likes themed or pretty coloured rooms for our dogs to stay in, but if your dog could talk, they would say they wanted structured walks and to be able to smell and see different things, not stuck in a run having to occupy themselves. In dealing with many difficult or stressed dogs for various reasons and studying dogs in my care carefully, I have found a system that works well. It involves lots of time and different strategies but is very rewarding. I look forward to meeting you and looking after your K9 companions. Samantha.

No shortage of qualifications either!
  • 2008 – Principal Instructor, Dog and Owner Training Programme – Manukau and Wellington
  • 2009 – Principal Instructor, Dog and Owner Training Programme – Manukau and Wellington
  • 2010 – Principal Instructor, Dog and Owner Training Programme – Manukau and Wellington
  • Level 2 Animal Control Officer
  • Principals of Canine Behaviour – Massey University

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