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Derringer Dobermanns

Derringer Dobermanns is based in the Hawkes Bay, Central North Island of NZ and started some 20 years ago after they had pet dobermanns. With the love of the breed and the intelligence of such a fine looking animal, it drew them to the show ring, which began many enjoyable years of showing and breeding and to date some 30 years later. Take a look at their site and see what they’re up too!

Te Amo Facebook Page

Have a look at our facebook page. It’s updated regularly with photos and events. Feel free to post a question or if you have recently had a pet with us, feel free to leave a comment about your experiences with us.

Synergy Design

Synergy Design is a fantastic graphic design company who have helped us get on our feet. They designed and develped our website, business cards and flyers and I’m sure they will be producing a lot more for us as the time goes by. Thanks Emma from Synergy. Have a look at their website, it’s gorgeous – you might even see us on there!

Retro Blocks

A new and unique concept in wall and ceiling art, Retro Blocks is one of the most extreme 3-dimensional feature wall tile products on the market. An innovation inspired by a need to create high-impact, 3D features, the concept encapsulates a product that is easier to design with, simple to install and is environmentally friendly. Tthey are featured here at Tea Amo Kennels – and look fantastic!

Pets On The Net is NZ’s largest website for pets since 2002. They specialise in lost and found pets and pets for adoption and each year thousands of pets are reunited and rehomed through this service. They also have comprehensive online advice pages and ever growing resources with a Pet Services and Retail Directory, SPCA and Animal Control Directories and hundreds more pages of useful resources for pet owners, from conjunctivitis in dogs to what to do if you find a hedgehog in your garden!

Te Amo Kennels YouTube videos

Te Amo Kennels facebook video

This is our finished 2017 project. We are very proud of the finished product and we are sure our K9 kids will love it!

Have you got an interesting website that our customers would like? If so, email us and let us know.